Monday, July 20, 2009

Royal Palms Resort

Last week, I spent Tuesday in Phoenix with Jan and Tom.
They, being the kind folk that they are, always let me stay at their house. I have a room with a flat screen, actually. I enjoy their home and feel comfortable there.
However, it was Jan's birthday and she did my taxes. I wanted a way to thank her for being my friend and for her birthday. She isn't really a birthday person, though, at all.
Nevertheless, I utilized hotwire to find a hotel room. I wanted a pool, and I wanted a 4 or 5 star hotel. If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right, is how I think about it.
I had searched orbitz and expedia prior to selecting hotwire. I really wanted to stay at the Royal Palms Resort. A few years ago, I had drinks with Jan and Shari at the bar. Ironically, I knew the bartender since his ex-wife had been my masseuse when I lived in Phoenix. Small world.
I thought about booking a room at the Phoenician since it is a beautiful resort. I have stayed there on 3 different occasions and each time I love it. The view from the outdoor cocktail area is stunning. But, then, I thought, why not try something new?
I searched hotwire, purchased the room for $106 and surprise, surprise we were heading to the Royal Palms, exactly where I wanted to stay.
I enjoyed it. It is smaller than the Phoenician and more personable, I think. It is a beautiful resort, with a pool/hot tub open 24 hours a day.
The restaurant, T Cook's, was good. I wouldn't say fantastic, but the food was good. I guess I was unimpressed with the service. Our server was lame. I mentioned this the other day.
But, the resort, itself, was lovely. I would recommend it. Of course, we were fortunate to find such a great rate. The room was beautiful. It opened up to a courtyard, but we were able to maintain our privacy.
I love robes and they have slippers, too. The room had a shower and a separate large bath tub. Jan likes to bathe. I prefer the shower.
I believe that I prefer the Royal Palms to the Phoenician since it created an intimate feel to the resort. I wish the restaurant service was better, but I did enjoy the brussel sprout duck confit side. That was awesome and interesting.
Until later. I need to think about Postino, Cowboy Ciao and Z Tejas. Food continues to dominate my thoughts....

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