Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reinforcements and considerations....

I was looking at other people's blogs yesterday and found exactly what I needed.
I doubt myself, sometimes. Actually, I think I doubt my intentions or what I would like to see happen.
I know that it works. I wanted to travel around the world. I did.
I wanted to reintroduce yoga to my life...I have.
I am running, etc.
Yet, there are some things, that I doubt.
I have to remind myself, that I don't need definite answers right now. I need to focus on what brings me joy and happiness.
Currently, that is coffee and running. Oh, and always the prospect of travel.
Yesterday, two different bloggers had similar reinforcement posts about living life to the fullest and about intentions.
I feel that I gravitate towards certain people in life. I know that blogwise, I do. I am interested in people that seem to be on similar paths or have gratitude in their lives, I suppose.
Being Gemel, is a great blog to look into. She has interesting posts, photos and an life. I could do without all of the posts of her cat, with photos, but it is important to her and that is great. It isn't my reason for following her blog, though. She commented on how people fear life and are not truly living. I went to work and saw my boss. He had a stroke, last October, and initially showed some signs of recovery.
Since then, he has dwindled. He looks gray. He doesn't talk. There is no joy is his life. He is a twin, something that I do not comprehend. It is as if, he is wanting all decisions to be made by his brother. He cannot communicate, nor does he try.
But, there are signs of spark in him. He isn't fully ready to go, but he isn't trying much to change his circumstance, either. He has resigned himself to life. I think he is scared, too.
It's sad. He is only 71 and there is more for him to discover in life. He should be traveling and enjoying himself. He had a companion, but she moved to Tacoma. Ironically, his stroke was the day before her departure.
All I know, is that I don't want to live like that.
The other blogger, with inspiration yesterday, is Life in the 2nd Half. I truly enjoy her blog and she has a ton of followers and people that constantly, daily, coment on her posts. She reminded me to be clear in my intentions.
Again, this reinforced exactly what I needed to hear. I am on the right path. There is joy in my life and I am living the way that I want to. Doubts are natural, but should not be focused on or even considered. My life is great. I am happy.
So, think about what you are thinking about or giving power to. Do you enjoy it? Do you want to change your course? Sometimes, I find myself repeating the same action/reaction sequence. Funny, how the result stays the same....

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scarlethue said...

I really enjoyed Life's post yesterday too.

In response to your post on my blog, my boss keeps trying to get me into acupuncture too. I've thought about it, but I'm scared of needles, and I'd have to drive an hour to the nearest office. Not exactly a relaxing drive either. There's a massage therapist across the street here who's awesome, I utilize his services often. :) If I didn't have to buy dog food today before the pet store closes at 5:30, I'd probably make myself an appointment. Can't let Bubby go hungry though!