Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why walking/biking/rollerblading is good, still....

I want to continue to consider the benefits of not driving my car.
Parking, specifically parallel parking...I hate it. I try to avoid it at all costs. I know how to do it. I just don't like it.
Walking, biking, rollerblading allows me the freedom to not have to park at all. Several times, I have went to Cherry Creek, for coffee at Peet's, and not been able to find a spot, near the coffee shop. I enjoy walking and so it isn't about the walk to the shop, more about the stress related to locating a spot at all and one that I will not have to parallel park to access it.
Further, if you park in Cherry Creek or downtown, you must feed a meter. The parking attendants in Denver, are nazi's. They watch for people that do not pay the meter. I swear.
I went to the post office in Cherry Creek. I was on my way to work and so I ran in to find no one there. I thought it was a sign. Lately, the post office reminds me of the DMV. You know, there is one person working, two people talking and a line out the door.
Anyways, I sent my package off. I was in there for 3-5 minutues, maximum, and when I walked outside, there was the parking attendant, issuing me a ticket. I yelled--SERIOUSLY. He looked up and continued with what he was doing. He said, well, I printed it off, sorry. He hadn't, but it is revenue for the city and for that, I paid it. Actually, I don't want to get a boot on my car and so I paid it.
I wanted to kick him in the shins. I really despise parking attendants. I would loathe that job. I mean, really, who smiles when they see you giving them a ticket? No one.
So, here is yet another benefit of not parking, no tickets, and when you think about DUI's. I frequent Elway's in Cherry Creek and typically walk home. They have ample parking, but I do not want to be tempted to think that after 2 glasses of wine, that I am okay to drive. Elway's is comfortable, convenient and easily accesible to me and my friends.
Have you thought of why driving trumps walking? I know that walking requires more time, but I prefer it and believe you can do it, for one day. More well...

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