Sunday, July 19, 2009

slum landlord, sort of.....

I love my rental property. It is in the metro area. It is close to Wahlgreen's, two indie movie theatres, numerous eateries, gas stations and grocery stores. I know that I am fortunate when everyone else is snowed in and I can walk to the Safeway.
I overlook many things because I can justify why I put up with it. For example, the stairs leading up to my place are treacherous. I remember looking at them when we were shown the place. I thought they might collapse when we walked up them. Now, I am just used to it. I know they are somewhat sturdy and I can overlook this aspect of my safety since I like the space. I have a parking space in back and so life is good.
The art fest blows every year and I know I complained about that earlier. Still, location, location, location. Again, I can overlook the inconveniece created by this 3 day event.
I cannot overlook negligence though.
I have new neighbors, downstairs. They moved in a week ago. I met them so that I could tell them that the trash went out on Tuesday and that I wouldn't be around to do it. Our interaction was brief, but I met the girls.
I returned from Phoenix ( still need to update you on that) and worked open to close on Friday. Yesterday afternoon, at 3:30, they knock on my door and ask if I will not use the toilet since it has been backing up into their bath tub for the last 24 hours. YUCK!!!!
They contacted our landlord to ask for his help/assistance/insight/anything. He had yet to call them back.
They called 4 different times with no response.
Finally, they called the plumber and contacted me. Obviously, I would have not used my bathroom, any water, had I known there was this issue. Apparently, they cleaned up sewage 4 different times since it was seeping from the base of the toilet and into the bath tub.
I know this is not the first time this has happened. This is #3 since I moved in in June 2008. The roots are growing into the pipes for those of you that assume it is filled with feminine products. I only mention this since the plumber made sure to ask this...jackass! I am not a complete moron, you know.
Anyways, I found out today that my landlord was upset that they contacted the plumber. He said that I guess I should have listened to my voice mail. That is annoying. You want me to mow the yard, but you cannot fix the sewage issue. Or, when my heater wasn't working in December and again, please pick up around the yard. Why don't you care about my comfort levels, too? In my old place, we had a similar issue with the plumbing and immediately PJ ( my landlord) took care of it. He was embaressed that we were put out and aggressive with finding a solution.
Yes, I love the location.
Yes, I like my parking space and I like the eclecticness of the space. I don't like feeling insecure when there are problems. Lack of heat and sewage issues definitely qualify as serious issues. What to do?


scarlethue said...

I'm glad they called a plumber and I hope the plumber either charged the landlord or your neighbors take the charge out of their rent. You could always get a lawyer if it happens again. Laws are different in every state, but there should be some out there that could help.

harmony said...

yes, he agreed to pay for it, but he was angry that they didn't wait for him to respond. 24 hours is way too long to be dealing with that. Plus, it's only been a week since they moved in. I would question my judgment, you know, based on his response to this issue.