Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heading to Phoenix....

Vacation #7...feeling awesome about my travel in 2009.
I was invited to the Bahamas, too. My friend, Sharleen, will be there for a year. I think.
She has been in the UK for the last 10 months...what a life. I met her in Santiago, Chile. We were both at this American run hostel that was infested with bed bugs. I liked the hostel, outside of that. The owner was a jerk, but it did feel a little like home. I was surrounded by Americans.
I was in a funk, that month, and so it was exactly what I needed. He had invested in a big screen tv with 100's of movies. It was February and I felt like doing nothing. Making a decision to leave Santiago did not seem possible. I didn't even drink Chilean wine!
Nevertheless, Sharleen and I traveled to Valporaiso and spent a few days there, before I returned to Santiago and she continued up the coast. We talked about meeting in the States in 2008 or 2009.
She contacted me and told me that instead of taking the Greyhound Bus into the United States, she was heading to the United Kingdom for a job. She has traveled extensively in Europe. I am envious of her ability to just go.
Well, she is returning to Canada, next month, and then heading to the Bahamas for a year. She told me that I should plan a trip to visit her there. I think I will. Why not?
I am heading to the valley, tomorrow and looking forward to it. I have spoken to friends to confirm drinks, coffee and potential runs.
I miss my friends in Phoenix.
I miss the chambord margaritas, found at Z Tejas.
And, somehow, I always am in Phoenix for the All Star Game. Rituals are good.
Enjoy your night and be well...

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