Thursday, July 23, 2009

why I run...

Yesterday, I was cyberstalking blogs dealing with running.
Wow, there are so many out there. I think I looked at 5, but could have kept going. Some grabbed my immediate attention. Others were boring. I guess some might find my blog uninteresting, too. It is very subjective.
One person had written a post called--Why I got me thinking. Why do I run when I have never taken it up prior to this year. Sure, I ran, somewhat while I was traveling. Mostly to explore more of the cities and not feel guilty for all of the carrot cake I was eating.
And, I tried running when I lived in Phoenix. I found myself always convincing myself that I hated running. I would try for a few weeks and then determine that I was not a runner.
So, back to the premise. I think I will list my top 10 reasons for why I am currently a runner in Denver.
10) I signed up for a 1/2 marathon in May. I committed to raising $2000 in exchange for training.
9) I like my training partners and have decided to go for the full enchilada since they are all training for the full. Gadget inspires me to up my tempo or establish a tempo, immediately. The Goddess is super supportive and gracious with me. Jamie can do either up beat tempo or a casual pace. It is very effortless for her, but she, too, is supportive.
8) I like my running shoes, really like my running shoes--Saucony's rock!
7) I can eat more and not feel guilty. If I had a real job, I would be fat since I love eating cheese!
6) It enables loads of time to think about my life and how I can improve it. I am blessed to train with others, but I still have many days in the week where I am running solo.
5) I use my ipod, more, and soon will need to upgrade to more storage. This is essential for treadmill running. I am not a good indoor runner.
4) I want to find the cleanest port a potty in Denver...kidding. Although, I did find a nice one in Cheesman Park the other day. I enjoy exploring more of Denver and more in Boston when I am there in a month. Running really gets you involved in a community.
3) My love of peanut butter cookies, at St. Mark's coffee shop.
2) Because I can and I enjoy it! Surprise, I never thought I would admit that, but it's true. I like to run.
1) I have an amazing support system. Shari and her family raised 1/3 of what I needed to fundraise with a 3 day garage sale. Her nieces assisted with the sale and she met several people that had some story about leukemia and how it had affected their life. Her mother-in-law went out of her way to find items and there were others that made rhubarb jam to sell too. I am lucky. I am blessed to have them in my life as well as everyone else who believes in me and supports this venture. I feel that I can do the marathon and so I am.
Yes, I am scared and a little overwhelmed, but this is what is motivating me. Friends, family and the knowledge that I can do this.
I don't know if I will ever want to run, again, after this, but I think I might. For now, I will be searching for a clean potty break for Saturday's run and eventually, a water pack so that I don't dehydrate on my 1/2 marathon on August 8th. Oh yea, running is a theme for 2009...


scarlethue said...

I ran in high school and tried to pick it up again last summer. I hate doing it but like the way I feel afterwards. It just gets so hot here, I can't stand it-- you have to either get up at 5 a.m. or stay up til 10 pm. Neither of which work for me. I need a treadmill, or a stationary bike maybe, but I don't know how to convince my naturally skinny slug of a husband to cough up the dough. Maybe that will be a Christmas present.

harmony said...

too funny.
Yes, running at 5, is early, but I find that it is easier to accomplish than running at night. Plus, my day goes smoother, I think, when I get it out of the way.
I do not like indoor running. It drives me crazy! I get bored and become fixated with the time, or lack of time....

Redhead Running said...

Absolutely fantastic reasons to run! Good for you!!!