Thursday, July 2, 2009

On the fence........

I run with three girls, regularly.
I know that I have mentioned them all. I still haven't found a name for Jamie, yet. We don't run together, as often, and so I haven't coined one for her. I will, though. I suppose, she could be the run-runner, since she alway goes. She might show up late, but she always cruises by me. She is dedicated to it.
I have been on the fence with how far I want to take this training.
Initially, I thought, a half was the way to go. I have friends that have completed several 1/2 marathons and they speak highly of them. My friend, Margo, is always racing/challenging herself. She is someone that I know understands how fantastic running can be.
I have been running, consistently, for 6 weeks now. Or, I am in week 6. I have tossed the idea of completing the full marathon to a few people. Most people have been supportive, but they are quick to point out---It is 26.2 miles...have you done 13?
I know this is a legitimate point. No, I haven't.
Last night, this completely random guy said--anything after 13 is should do it! Why not? You are young and if you feel that you can, you should....Of course, I liked him.
I e-mailed one of the coaches to see what he thought. He's seen me run. He's coached, a lot of people and I was curious to see if he would dissuade me.
He e-mailed me back, 24 hours later--no less, and said that yes, he knew who I was and felt that I could do it, if I wanted to. He said that the only altering point in the training would be on the long runs and that I would need to incorporate that mental attitude of endurance, not sprinting.
I am still on the fence, but the more I think about it, the more I know that I can do it. Yes, it will be challenging and yes, my body will ache, but why not? I keep talking about living for the day and so this is an excellent opportunity to do just that! Greg, my coach, told me to let him know what my decision would be.
I think I will sleep on it. TOday, is a much deserved day of rest. I ran with the GOddess, earlier, and know that a nap is in my future....


Hailey said...

I don't think I've ever known you to be on the fence with anything - ha! (In fact, if I know my Harm...I know you've already made your mind up on what you are going to do.) I know you can do a full marathon and believe in your ability, perseverance, and passion 100%! You are my eternal rock star!

harmony said...

Yes, I think I am off the fence:)
THank you for being in my life, and choosing to be friend. I know. I can be a crackhead, at times...I appreciate your support and encouragement. I need it.
Have a wonderful day and good luck with the slurpees.