Friday, July 3, 2009

Holidays, golden years and reflections of these....

Oh, holiday weekends.
I do like them, but it isn't about the days off from work. I can create those, without pay. I don't need a holiday to dictate a day or two off from work.
I want to go to yoga, today. There is a noon class, taught by a popular instructor. I haven't had the pleasure of taking her class, yet; but, I know that it is normally filled to capacity.
It's a holiday weekend. I know it will be full.
Similar to Memorial Day, it will have 90+ people. I think of all of the people that are camping, enjoying the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and their day off. I know that this class will still be maximized and I feel that I am not going to yoga. I believe that Core Power should limit class size in cases such as these. Yoga is physical, but I enjoy spiritual aspect as well. When the class is full, I worry about being kicked in the face and cannot handle all of the odors created from all of the sweaty people. I know. I am sweating too. However, a full class does not enable any meditation or relaxation. I think they should offer two classes, at the same time, if the class size is too big.
So, I will indulge, myself, in another day of rest. Another day to consider the marathon factor.
Actually, I am certain that I am doing the full marathon. My coach contacted me and told me that he felt that I could do it, if I wanted to. He said, that many others have always confronted this question in training. He felt that it is a mental battle and that I need to optimize the endurance factor and quit thinking like a sprinter. He said, that I needed to go slow since it is 26.2 miles. THe only difference in our training between full and half, was that the full marathoners had an extra hour and a half added to one of the Saturday runs. He said to let him know what I would like to do and supported me in either decision.
I have talked to others about this extensively. I know 26.2 miles is long and I will be wrecked for days, afterwards. Shari and I had talked about going to Santa Fe after the marathon. I don't know how advisable that will be to stay in a car for 5 hour and stiffen up. I haven't decided. I love Santa Fe and that alone is motivation to go.
Brian would have been 26 this year. It is his golden year. His mom got a tattoo on her chest that Brian had. I talk about getting a tattoo, but I haven't yet. I will...more reflection on that, later. Nevertheless, I was trying to rationalize why I wanted to do the marathon as opposed to the 1/2 marathon. My purpose is to celebrate his golden year. Training, living life and challenging myself. Initially, I had told Shari that I would celebrate by travel.
In a way, this doesn't count. I always travel and I love it. I need to do more. Or, I want to do more. And, I enjoy running and so the Denver 1/2 just became the Denver Full with other marathons to follow, possibly. We will see...Enjoy your holiday. Celebrate with ice cream, beer or fire works...


scarlethue said...

My dad used to run half-marathons. He ran one whole marathon and was not well for a couple days afterwards. He's a big guy, always around 250, except the years when he was running like that. Anyway, if it were me, I'd try a half first, see how you feel, then go whole if you want. No point in burning yourself out.

harmony said...

I know what you mean. I have given it a lot of thought/consideration. I feel that the whole marathon is the way to go. Or, I feel that way, right now. Who knows how I feel in a month?