Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brief update to Phoenix adventure

Arizona has been exciting, minus the heat factor. I had forgotten how terrible July was. There is no break in the heat. All day, everyday, it is 115+ degrees without breeze. This year it is humid, too. I feel like a cross between the midwest and the desert, producing an unlivable place to be.
Actually, it isn't that bad. It's just different and of course, air conditioning is used 24/7. I am outside, early, and then we shuttle from a/c to a/c to house. I do not know how people do it.
My beautician has 4 kids. I asked how they were enjoying the summer and she said--they aren't. They are stuck inside and bored. I would really despise growing up here. Summers for me, were all about being outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids. My mom made us to ample chores, but we always were able to spend the majority of the day outside. We lived for summer.
Nowadays, it must be awful.
Yesterday was Jan's birthday and so we made dinner at their house. She isn't much of a birthday person. I think I annoyed her, by telling everyone that it was her birthday. At T Cook's, in the Royal Palms, the waiter brought her a shot to celebrate her birthday. I felt that it was strange since we weren't doing shots and instead of buying her dessert, they gave her a washington apple shot. It was made incorrectly and then they gave her an Amstel Light. Ironically, she had been drinking Stella Artois all night and so that seemed odd, too. But, we went with it and that was the beginning of her birthday.
I will comment more on this later. I am needing to purchase post cards and pack. Fun times....


scarlethue said...

I'm glad you're having fun, despite the heat. And thanks for taking such a light hearted approach to my "bitch" post, I needed to be laughed at. :) Nothing is that important that I should worry that much about it.

Nancy said...

I could not live in Arizona. (Knock on wood, we don't move there!) I am right now enjoying a cool breeze, which I live for. We were in Reno today at 97 and I couldn't wait to get back up to the mountains. Heat and I really don't mix - I'll take cold any day.

Thanks for your comment today - I think it's wonderful that you work to travel!

Jun said...

Have is wonderful. Let us enjoy it especially with friends.

by the way thanks for your encouraging remark on my site.

harmony said...

anytime....I am always inspired by your posts.