Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long travel day

I arrived at DIA at 11:20.
I checked into my flight, via the self serve kiosk, since I wouldn't be checking bags. Security was a breeze. I went to my gate, hoping to secure a closer seat on my flight. I hadn't really noticed, that instead of departing at 1:35, we were scheduled to leave at 2:20. I didn't receive any notification, from Frontier, noting the time change and so I was surprised. Still, I could handle it and I wasn't too annoyed.
I went to the Chophouse, ordered a beer and a sandwich, and realized that I knew the guy sitting next to me from the College Inn. He is one of the bartenders and so I was entertained. The sandwich was good, but the beer was way overpriced. It was $7.25 for a 20 oz beer. Realistically, I would have preferred the 14 oz beer, but I guess the bartender chose to pour me that beer. I was annoyed that the beer was that much. I mean, really...$7.25 for that beer. If it were a Chimay, yep, I would pay for it. This beer wasn't that amazing.
I digress.
I returned to the gate, and attempted to talk way into a closer seat. It was a full flight and the departure had been pushed back, again. There was a missing part for the radio and the posted departure was now 3:45. This did annoy me! I could have had another beer--wouldn't have--but 2 hours, sitting in the airport, for no reason was beginning to wear on me. Plus, there was this couple next to me and this guy could not sit still. He kept playing with his luggage and I wanted to go and kick him in the shins since it was so distracting.
We got on the plane at 3 pm. Things were looking up. I called Jan to let her know that I would be arriving sooner than I had anticipated.
We boarded the plane and sat. I had a middle seat in the 2nd to last row. I despise the back of the plane since it brings back memories of my first flight where I got sick. Anyways, we sat. We sat some more. At 3:45, the pilot tells us that there is good news and bad news--we will be departing soon, but there are 15 planes ahead of us, and so we would have to taxi for some time.
I was about at my breaking point. I mean, it had been delayed, the one guy wore down my nerves and now, we were forced to sit there and wait.
Finally, we were off. They rewarded our patience with free tv. I watched 3 episodes of Everybody loves Raymond. I calmed down and then arrived in Phoenix. Crossing into the airport took some time, but wow, was it hot! 116 with humidity. Unbelievable.
I had chambord margaritas at Z Tejas and we had dinner at Cowboy Ciao. I will write more about that later, but right now, I need to conclude this.
I went running at 5 am. It was hot, already, crazy freaking hot. I love Phoenix. There really is no break in the weather here. I did enjoy the lack of altitude. I will miss that part, at least.
More later, be well and be positive....


Shari said...

I want to be there when you kick someone in the shins...your posts have made me laugh and feel very happy today. Thank you!!

We'll talk soon, enjoy the heat.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

ahhhhhhhh the heat that won't end. I think it was 89 at 5 am. The food factor has been awesome, though.
Take care and yes, we will talk soon.