Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lately, my ipod has had a mind of its own.
Seriously, I keep hearing U2, Silversun Pickups and since Monday, Duran Duran. Maybe it is time to revisit the late 80's early 90's of my life. I don't know. It just makes me wonder.
Music inspires me and will continue to do so. I listen the Black Eyed Peas, while running and at work, to motivate the brewers. I know that Gabe loves hip hop. At his wedding, last year, they played a lot of hip hop and rap. I was surprised that his wife was such a fan, too. I remember looking over on the dance floor and it was me, a few other ladies, and Dave's wife, Lisa, who is a proper lady. She went to Harvard--enough said. I thought it was funny that she was grooving to Baby Got Back. Whenever I hear that particular song, I remember Hailey's wedding and how we danced to it in 2002. Oh, memories of weddings, dances and friends.
I play Mana' or Juanes to keep the kitchen happy and annoy the day manager. She is from another generation and grew up in Texas. I think that should explain everything and how she views mexican americans.
And, I like the music. I love Juanes and although I do not know what I am singing too, I still do it. I love it. It reminds me of traveling, being alone and walking in Argentina.
The memories of music and what certain songs or time periods inspire. Duran Duran reminds me of the end of college. I had a friend that enjoyed them and I remember being at a 4th of July party, listening to Rio--another pleasant memory. Or, how much Brian detested Duran Duran since his mom played it when he was a child.
It's funny how music is inspirational and associated with time periods or people. I love it and it can make or break my day. For instance, Jimmy plays terrible music while working. It's like he has no idea how awful it is. It's the new pop--crap, that we are forced to listen to on the radio. Tiffany likes the acoustic channel which inspires thoughts of suicide--REALLY, AWFUL MUSIC. There are definitely cycles that are terrible on that station.
I know that my music appeals to me, not everyone, but at least I am passionate in my defense of it.
Anyways, enjoy the day. It is cool here, 50 degrees. I have a track work out later and than a cocktail hour with Pocketsize. I am stoked. This week has been a little melancholy with memories of my past. Music has helped....

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