Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the return of Capitol Grille...

Last night, I went to the Rockies game. I didn't stay long. I wasn't feeling it.
Instead, Jimmy and I headed to Capitol Grille for supper. I used to love that place and I used to frequent it, until I found Elway's. I'll be honest. I love the food at Elway's, it's closer to my house and I know the bartenders. This is a definite perk to dining out. When I walk into Elway's, I am acknowledged with a warm smile and an offering of a bar seat. If there isn't one available, they find one for me. It doesn't matter that I wear, I am treated as a guest.
Capitol Grille is a cab ride. Walking home drunk, through downtown, isn' pleasant or advisable. And, despite the fact that I frequented the bar, I always had to reintroduce myself to the bartenders which is annoying. I tip well, actually, I over tip, especially at places that I plan to frequent. I like the added perks of being known. I won't b.s. you.
And, for those of you that have dined with me, you know it's true. Tipping is essential!
Anyways, we went to there last night. Jimmy preferred Elway's but I talked him out of it. I wanted to give Capitol Grille another try.
We walked in and I knew both of the bartenders. They found us a seat and we ordered wine. The one guy, from Kansas, told me that he was sorry to hear of my recent loss. Wow, someone 3 years hadn't happened in that place. It was odd. I know that we had talked about Brian, on numerous occasions. To bring up, out of the blue, felt extremely random. Plus, this guy lives in the building it happened and I knew this, because he told me one night. DIfferent story, completely random, bizarre effect. In hindsight, I think he was trying to place me. Funny, how he limited his interaction with us after that.
The food was tasty. I do enjoy their bread and I love their lobster mac and cheese. The experience, outside of the initial comment, was lovely, but I wish their wine list was more dynamic and affordable. They have 8-10 wines by the glass that were okay. The bar, itself, is beautiful and I enjoy the atmosphere. I will return, but not as often as Elway's.


scarlethue said...

I'm a big tipper too, especially at places I'll be visiting often. My husband will leave 25% or more if he likes you. It's good to know your bartender!! Our favorite bar closed a couple years ago... we loved that place, they'd see us coming in the door and have our drinks waiting for us before we even got to the bar. We never paid full price for a drink but always tipped huge. I miss that place. We float between a couple different ones now but no where feels like home, as I'm sure Elway's has come to be for you.

harmony said...

Too true.
Several times, getting drinks for free, for me, equates to spending way more money than I intended since I tip to cover the drink/drinks/experince. It all works itself out and I know that I benefit, ultimately, from being generous.
And, I believe in karma and the service industry in general.
I hope you find a new home, too:)

harmony said...
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