Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Change the World Wednesday....

I am not creative, never have been. I am more of a thinker.
Regarding previous challenges, I enjoyed the physical challenges of not using my car. I suppose I was a little creative with that. I wanted to create as many opportunities to walk, bike, bus that week. Maybe one day, I will try for a month.
And, I support giving back to the community, as often as possible. I carted 4 bags to Goodwill and probably could have taken more. It is difficult to part with some things, though.
Nevertheless, this week is about art and creativity. Create a craft or object from recycled or reuseable items. Again, this should be interesting for me. I took home mec in high school. I liked the cooking aspect, but I am pretty sure that I failed the sewing or conceptualization part of it.
I can do it. I support this and hope to create an interesting craft. I feel it will make me feel like a kid again. I wish my niece, Mackenzie, were here with me since I think she could jazz it up. Or, at least help me.
So, this week, try it and either write about it, yourself, or let me know how it goes. I am curious to see what others come up with in comparison to mine.
I will have to give it some thought, consider what items I have available and then allow it to happen. I think tomorrow is a good day to tackle this challenge and project.
For more inspiration or direction, check out--
Be well and be green, in some aspect, today!


Jadey said...

perhaps your little niece should come visit you sometime?

harmony said...

perhaps. I thought you might like that. Probably next year, since the training isn't making me the most accomodating hostess. Plus, isn't Mackenzie heading to Kansas to see mom and dad?