Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blizzard 2009

I woke up and it was snowing, somewhat.
I was determined to go to the 9:30 yoga class and so I bundled up, but hadn't really looked at how much snow was blowing. Yoga isn't far and it is so worth it. The class was full, not to capacity and we focused on chest openers today. I popped my sternum midway through the class and felt amazing. I also was able to work out some of my stress on my rhomboids due to Tricia's flow of class. I felt great.
A few hours later, and it was ridiculous. I wanted to get some food and so I walked to Safeway. I do not drive in this crap unless I absolutely have to. Even then, I despise it.
I walked about 13 blocks and saw how traffic wasn't moving on my street or Speer Blvd. I felt so fortunate to be living where I am living. Truly, I could have walked to the Walgreen's, but they don't have onions. So, I trudged to 6th Avenue and felt so accomplished on my return. If I wanted wine, I only need to walk 3 blocks which also makes my location ideal. I won't have cabin fever is what I am trying to say.
Later, a co-worker texted me to see if I could work for her because she didn't want to drive. I don't either. Plus, I want to watch basketball. Although, the Purdue game is terrible and I don't think it is likely to get much better. I am anxiously awaiting the Mizzou/Memphis game. I think it will be an uptempo down to the wire game. The spread is 4.5. I feel good about that as long as it remains close. I think Mizzou will show up, too. I am still in the money and heading to a beach soon...

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