Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road trip...dreaming of it...

Normally, in the spring, I head west.
I have the last three years.
The first one began in Dallas, continued to San Angelo, Phoenix, Sedona and eventually, Santa Fe.
The next one I opted for a rental car and headed to Seattle. I spent 3 days with Jean, Bob and Jack. I had a blast and fell in love with the city. I know that the rain would make me crazy, but Seattle is a vibrant city.
I spent 5 days with Jand and Michaela and tried to get them into trouble. Not trip out west is complete without a stopover in San Francisco and Napa. I should have spent more time there. I ate well, met awesome people and dreamed of relocation. Instead, I heade to Santa Barbara and hung out with my cousins. They were gracious hosts and fun to spend time with. I drove to Vegas and had a brief stopover with Carrie and Cedric and ended in Santa Fe.
Last year, I drove my volvo back to Denver, from Phoenix, and had another stop in Santa Fe.
So, I guess what I mean, when I say--road trip--it means, that I will be heading to Santa Fe. I love it there and it is beautiful in the spring. I love the restaurants and feeling like a local.
I have a great friend that lives there. I always enjoy seeing Melody. She makes me feel so positive about life, about living and about achieving greatness. She is an extremely positive person.
I am forever thinking of my next adventure. I had a nice time in Napa with Shari and a brief interlude in KC which also was lovely. I am ready for something new. Any suggestions?

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Shari said...

Qi-gong???? I just spoke with a friend who teaches what I think Melody teaches. It reminded me of Santa Fe and now you are going there. I really did love it there also. I too am on the hunt for a destination. I have a $300.00 airlinve voucher that is burning a hole in my pocket.

Thank you for you supportive words. Things are a bit better but still too close to home.

I won't be taking my road trip until after school is done.

Have a great time and let us know about the great food you find.

Love, Shari