Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why some people suck...

I was on facebook this morning and decided to chat with one of my friends from high school.
It all starts out innocently--the nicities/pleasantries--and then she tells me that someone broke into her apartment the other day and took her stereo, computer, tv, phone, play station and an electronic keyboard among other things. Thankfully, she wasn't there, but it sounded like someone knew what was in her apartment. She tells me that yes, she thinks it is one of her neighbors. People suck! I mean, how do you justify taking/violating someone like that? Plus, she had to explain to her kids what happened and they now realize how vulnerable they are. I feel awful for them.
I remember how angry I was when that guy took my ipod. I knew that he did, too. I had no proof, but inherently, I knew that that jackass stole my ipod and knifed my bag. I know they are just things, but it still was so frustrating that I couldn't protect myself. I was humbled by it.
I guess it is good to step back and gain perspective. Lately, in yoga, they begin with a lesson or intention to focus on. The other day, Tricia, began with how everyone is in such a hurry to get places. We focus on the end result, not the journey in getting there. She challenged us to enjoy the journey, not just the end result. I think it overhaps into my life right now. I am focusing on the end result of my yoga practice and hurrying through the process as opposed to experiencing the changes in my physical body and mental/emotional body. I dream of places to travel, make that happen and than I want it immediately. I need to enjoy the present.
I would love to return to South Africa. I am listening to Freshly Ground and so that is probably a lot of why I am thinking of South Africa. I love to check out Morocco, Egypt or Greece. I have always dreamed of being on a beach in Greece. One day it will be my reality.

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