Friday, March 13, 2009

Issues with yoga...

The last two days of yoga have been terrible.
I overslept yesterday (my fault--completely) and worked during the afternoon. I knew they offered an evening heated class at 5:30. There was a new instructor and so I had high hopes of an awesome class.
I am spoiled in the a.m. classes. There are two instructors that I see regularly and they are great. I benefit from their classes and drag myself out of bed to start my day on a positive note.
The class was full and we began in meditation. Typically, we begin every class this way and start to focus on breathing. We were in meditation for 10 minutes which is too long. Everything from that point on was terrible. I mentally checked out of the class. I left the class early from frustration. I had no motivation to see it through the end.
I think it is weird that I have seen the instructor in several of the a.m. classes. She practices regularly, but had no idea of how to create her own class flow. I will not attend another one of her classes.
This morning, there was a substitute, but I have taken 5 of this girl's classes and so I wasn't too concerned about whether I would like it or not. I need to mention, that the heat has been screwed up which also messes with the flow/energy of the class. I think that was a factor for me today. I wasn't prepared to do some of the postures so early in the class because I wasn't adequately warmed up. I am frustrated because I feel that it was a waste of time. I could have been sleeping!
I am glad that I continue to go to yoga. I hope that my practice returns to the beneficial level next week. I rely on yoga to begin my day.
Last night, I drank with my neighbor, Megan. I knocked on her door and we started talking about life, Obama and current events. I knew that I had this lovely bottle of Prisoner in my house. I felt like toasting life. I had abstained the night before because I wanted to make it to yoga on time. Last night, I decided to risk it and it was great. I enjoyed learning more about her and the wine, of course.

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