Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sara Jo...

Sara is 30 today.
I am so happy for her.
I feel better. I went to work and dealt with random b.s. Some people are always in a bad place. I don't understand it.
I called Hailey as well and she put the smile back on my face. We reminisced about our trip to Phoenix, high school, college and her boys. She has two boys and they are crack-ups. She is teaching Andrew how to potty train and her husband decided to show Andrew how to urinate like a boy--standing up. So, there are some splash issues and he also let him pee on a tree which is always fun to control. I guess she caught him peeing off their backyard mat since Daddy let me on the tree. Gotta love the innocence of children.
So, I guess I do have something to still smile about. And, I think I will be celebrating with Sara and Ace later.
Not to mention, I am dreaming of Seattle, wineries and the Pike Place Market.

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