Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today was a great day.
I started with yoga which is always a plus in my book. Of course, it always seems too early, but I appreciate it when I am finished.
Afterwards, I reflected on my around the world trip. Mostly, I remembered how peaceful I was when I returned to the States. I had forgotten what road rage was. I am sure that I annoyed all of the drivers in Phoenix. I had no sense of urgency and I think I abstained from talking on my phone while driving. I couldn't do both at once. I still shouldn't, but I do sometimes.
I was peaceful and calm. Tranquility engulfed me.
I want to say that 6 weeks after I returned, I was back to what I would call normal. I knew road rage and what convenience was. In other countries, I went with the flow. If they didn't have my name brand of peanut butter, I ate theirs because they had peanut butter. There weren't many options and I got used to the simplicity of it all. I enjoyed it.
I walked downtown and that also reminded me of my trip. I walked everywhere when I traveled. I loved my ipod and how much I listened to Marvin Gaye. I relied on public transportaton and not once, did I consider hiring a car.
I wanted to toast my trip, tonight, but also want to continue my yoga practice. I opted to make dinner, write and listen to Freshly Ground. I enjoy cooking, but it is difficult to cook for one. I want to do it, though, since I have fantastic knives and kitchenware.
I wish that I had spent more time watching Brian instead of plying us with wine. He always prepared our meals. I made salad or bread or a combination of both. He could take the most random items and create a fantastic, memorable meal. I struggle with that.
I feel more confident in the kitchen now. I enjoy preparing food and entertaining. I wish that some of my friends/family were closer. I suppose a dinner party or something to that effect is in order.
Enjoy your night as I enjoyed my day.

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