Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nail painting

I like pedicures. I think they are great.
I wanted to get one while in Phoenix, but we didn't have time. Instead, I filled our trip with restaurants, hiking and the Botannical Gardens. Next time, I am finding a place to get a pedicure.
For the last 6 weeks, I have had remnants of my last pedicure on my big toes. I was too lazy to do anything about it and instead, faithfully went to yoga, daily, and would see how stupid it looked in the mirror. I was still wasn't motivated to do anything about it until Friday. I bought some remover and opted to paint my nails.
Immediately, I remembered why i don't paint my nails. I suck at it. I am terrible at girly things. I was too much of a tomboy, growing up, to pay attention to how to apply this to your face or nails for instance.
Last night, people noticed right away that I had painted my nails. It was bizarre and then they commented on they felt they had to.
I had dream about it, I guess. I dreamt that I was in Hailey's wedding (which I was and it was in St. Louis). In the dream, they got married in Phoenix. I think it happened in Phoenix since Michaela is there and I visited a month ago.
Anyways, I overslept, almost missed my flight and then they wouldn't let me on it because I wasn't at the boarding gate. I begged my way on and arrived in Phoenix with Angie Cobb's mom. I don't know, it was bizarre and continued to be. We made our way to the hotel and it was full of people from high school. I remember thinking, I wonder who is working since everyone is here. I knew Hailey would be happy that I made it on time, but then I remembered I didn't pack the dress. I was having issues with anxiety and then I woke up.
At Hailey's wedding in St. Louis, I had dress issues which were my fault completely. I didn't have the dress altered. It was too big and I should have had it fitted correctly, instead of thinking people could look down my dress in the pictures.
I guess it goes to show that when it comes to things that come naturally to most women, I suck at them. I am spoiled by my job and lifestyle. I wear shorts everyday and don't have to look accomplished in my attire or lack of makeup. One day, I'll get it. Until then, I will continue to spin cycle my dreams...

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