Monday, March 9, 2009

out of context

Last night, I worked. Cesar has been in Peru for a month and so I have worked a few of his shifts.
This guy sat down and I knew that I knew him. I couldn't place how, but I knew that I had met him before. He continued to drink Tullamore Dew and buy shots for people around him. He handed me his credit card and that was when I placed it. His name was Storm.
I met a Storm in 2002. Brian's roommate, Chad, was going to open a restaurant for him. We frequented the Pour House Pub a few times, even after Chad decided to move to Keystone. Storm was always gracious with both of us.
Eventually, I worked up the courage to ask if he was the owner of Pour House Pub. He looked at me and said--yes, and I have 5 bars in Boston. I am opening another bar in Denver, though.
I said--oh, so you know Chad Howard? Yes. Then, you knew Brian.
I suppose that is when the recognition occurred.
He said--yea, that was a fucking tragedy.
Yes, it was...he was my boyfriend. He looked at me and said--I am sorry that I didn't recognize you and the bar that I am opening here is the one that I would have wanted Brian to run for me.
Out of context and overwhelmed. The others at the bar didn't really know what to say. They all just looked down and absorbed the conversation that was going on around them.
I continued with...the anniversary of his passing was last weekend and he goes--I know. I remember.
I forget that I wasn't the only one affected by Brian's passing. I forget that time remained still for others, too.
I think these occasions occur for a reason. I have had several of them where I meet someone that knew Brian, but didn't necessarily know us together. We didn't frequent the Bull and Bush or any other bar truly. We did enjoy the Falling Rock, but it wasn't a daily thing. We were happy alone, sometimes in our own world.
I am continuing the celebration of life. I hope you do as well.

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