Monday, March 30, 2009 year of reconnecting with people from Kansas...

2009 began with a trip to Phoenix. I had 5 days with friends that legitimately I speak to. I talk to Hailey, frequently, more now, but we have known each other as adults. I have written Jill, Marideth and e-mailed Marcee. It wasn't a surprise encounter--we took 6 months to plan this vacation.
Next, I met Ames and Scheppman for pizza in Denver. I love playing tour guide and I enjoyed their visit. Of course, it became extended once Jeremy tore his ACL. We checked out the Falling Rock and Elway's--two of my favorite places in Denver.
I saw Jill, Jeremy's sister while in San Francisco and again, had a fantastic meal, wine and conversation.
I met Jenny Minard for happy hour which happens once every 6 months in Denver and again, was a pleasant conversation. She had given blood and so it was brief, but nice, as always.
I saw Kevin VanEmburgh in KC and enjoyed his restaurant. I felt fortunate in being able to dine there since he is a successful restaurant owner. I hope to return someday.
Paula Commerford has been stateside for 3 months. I followed her travels via facebook and knew she was in Denver. I contacted her and mentioned that we should meet. On Saturday, she came to the Bull and Bush and we spoke for a bit. I was working and she had other friends in town to see her. Today, she met me at Elway's and we had a lovely time.
We didn't actually engage in the whole high school crap until an hour into the conversation. We have a lot in common, though. We both have traveled and I think that made it a nice commonality to engage as opposed to--why don't you have kids? why aren't you married? Are you divorced? etc...It seemed more real.
I believe that I will travel stateside this year and embrace my past. It seems to be the way this year.
I have a great life and I am fortunate to have people in my life that choose to be present in it. I am complicated, but can be great, too. I understand that I am more honest now, but why not be. I believe in the present moment--do you?

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