Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wineries and more random thoughts

Shari and I both wanted to go to Rutherford Hill. Brian enjoyed the wine and I believe that I had 4 bottles of merlot at one point. I have depleted my stock with Brian, Bryn, Sara Jo and I think another one with Bryn.
Anyways, we drove up to Rutherford Hill and it was a beautiful winery. There was one couple in the tasting room. We decided to share a tasting that would allow us 3 premium reserve wines and three typical. I really enjoyed the petit verdot that they offered and wish that we would have been able to try the malbec, but it had sold out. I mentioned to the guy that I was industry, but had left my busines cards in Denver since I rushed to the airport. He was older, by the book and unwilling to give a generous pour or comp the tasting. It was nice and he suggested checking out either Milat or Raymond. His son was the manager at Raymond and I had another connection to Raymond via a bar customer that I had met earlier in the week. Mary Ella is a traveling nurse and she came into the Bull with another one of my recent regulars, Emiliy. Mary Ella told me to go to Raymond and meet her friend, Emily, that was native to Napa. I felt that since two people had mentioned Raymond, we should go.
It was great. The girls were kind and had heavy hands. Emily likes karoake and we discovered that her friend, Mary Ela, was her back up singer and all in all it was entertaining. They recommended August Briggs, Sequoia Grove and Girard. We decided to check out Sequoia Grove and again, had a wonderful tasting experience. Janie was our lady and she intrigued with stories of drunken debauchery. I think my job is entertaining, but I suppose they see it all, too. She said that numerous times bachelorette parties got out of hand with women saying--you must see mine, first. I don't know about you but I have never felt it appropriate to show my boobs ever in public.
We finished at Girard since it was open until 6 pm and we could walk to it from our bed and breakfast. I enjoyed it and we arrived late and so it was a quick tasting. Saturday morning, I was tempted to check out Cosentino or St. Clement, but I was still so full from Bouchon that I didn't think I needed anything outside of coffee.
I knew there was a Peet's in Napa proper and so we pitstopped there before crossing the Bay Bridge. I must say it was great to be driving a mustang through wine country, but somewhat intimidating in the city. I drove down Lombard and this guy stopped us to offer to be our guide. I think we would gotten kicked out of the car pretty fast and so we declined the offer. I am just not used to driving up hill all of the time. I cannot imagine having a manual car in San Francisco. I applaud anyone who does.
Also, quick side note...thank you, just desserts, for your kind comments. I appreciated them and hope to check out your blog, too.

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