Friday, March 6, 2009

motorcycle rides

Beautiful weather continues.
Well, it is supposed to rain/snow tomorrow, but still be 40 degrees. I think that I am okay with that. Next week it will return to sunny skies and memories of summer. I absolutely love it.
I dream of being on the back of a motorcycle, the wind trashing my hair, but enjoying the ride. I remember going back to Salina, one time, with my friend, David. My car (ford tempo--long story) had died in my parking lot months before and so I relied on David to get me to Salina. He showed up at my apartment at 11:30 at night. I had my doubts about this trip actually happening. It had rained, a lot, and so I would have understood had he not shown up, or so I say now. At the time, I wasn't nearly as understanding.
Nevertheless, the next morning we rode back to Manhattan on all of the back roads since he had only one helmet. I remember showing up at his brother's place and looking like someone had dragged me in. I was covered with dust, bug guts and my hair was huge. I couldn't get my hand through it, but I had a blast. Thankfully, his brother lent him his car and we drove the rest of the way in a vehicle.
There is something about a motorcycle ride that makes me dream of summer, possibility and travel. Or maybe, I always dream of travel, possibility and sunshine. I think it is more the latter.


Shari said...

Maybe our next trip we should rent motorcycles and drive the west coast? Oh, we need motorcycle license to rent them...maybe we could just rent motorcycles with drivers, perferable hunky, funny, buff drivers?

It's a slow day at work and I finally had time to read your blog. I love it and it made me smile and laugh a bit.

Send pictures when you have time.


harmony said...

I will. I am working on it. I figure that I will finish the black and white roll in a few weeks. I have to get Flat Stanley back to Easton.
I am glad that you survived the 24 hour return to Wisconsin. I am sure that your bed felt amazing! Yes, buff would be preferable!
Be well--