Monday, March 23, 2009

The latest Kansas connection

I closed on Saturday night.
About midnight a small bachelorette party showed up. I saw this one girl walk in and knew that she was from Salina. We both went to the same church and I remembered seeing her at CCD classes.
She walked out of the bathroom and up to the bar. I was like--where are you from? She goes--I saw you staring at me and I was like--yes, I thought you looked familiar. She went to Southesast of Saline and I asked her if she knew Jeremy Schropp since he went to school there. We b.s.'d a little and her friend ordered a round of shots. I decided to get one of them since we had the whole Kansas connection and all. I tell her friend the amount--$20.55. Her friend gives me $21 and I had her back the 45 cents. They say--thanks, and she takes her change. REALLY?
You've never been to a bar before? I think it is a midwest thing. I don't know. It astounded me and then I told the server to grat them since they were stupid. Plus, it was 10 girls and I thought it would be in her best interest to add a gratuity. They were drinking Lemon Drop martinis which are always fun to make.
I guess when Kelly dropped the check off, they were upset that she added a gratuity. Again, you've never been to a bar/restaurant before. Begrudgingly, they paid and left.
I was a bit surprised by the one girl. I definitely would have said thank you and good bye but not everyone has manners or class, I suppose.
Last night, we had dinner at Restaurant Kevin Taylor. We were celebrating Tiffany's birthday dinner and it was nice. One of my co-workers boyfriends is a chef there and so we were fed well and the menu was creative. I enjoyed myself, but wish the wine list had been better. It was lame and I really didn't like the pinot noir that we had.
Be well, enjoy your day and smile. I still am.

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