Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I tried to watch the MSU/UNC game. I watched the line-ups, congratulating the coaches and re-tip and within a few minutes, I sensed it wouldn't be a close game. Wow, UNC really wanted to make a statement and they did.
I watched 24. I thought about watching Rescue Me marathon, but there is always today for that. Instead, I watched my old standby on Mondays and yes, they show is back to great form. A few seasons ago, I couldn't believe I was still a fan. I am glad that I stuck with it.
Lately, I have seen a lot of people that are down on their luck. I know that the economy isn't perfection, but life continues with or without you. I figure that it is best to be positive and keep moving forward. It makes me sad to see so much negativity and grief. There are ample resources and again, it is best to live in the present and in the moment.
Yesterday, my yoga instructor pointed out how often we, in our lives, are rushing to get to the next goal, objective, meeting. She suggested slowing down and enjoying the moment and I agree with her. I tried it out, yesterday, while waitressing. Granted, probably not the best venue to explain to someone that you are enjoying the moment during their busy lunch. However, just that small adjustment made a difference on my day and how I got through it.
Today is a new day and it is beautiful outside. Again, this is why I moved to Colorado. I am meeting with my cousin, Wil, tonight and looking forward to it. Last time I saw him was in 97, in Iowa at 4th of July. We do correspond via e-mail/facebook and so it shouldn't be too awkward and of course, I get updates from my dad about him and his family. Unfortunately, he is really south of where I like to go. I am hoping to figure out a good spot that will quench my wine taste and provide a good beer selection for him.
Get outside and enjoy the day.

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