Thursday, April 2, 2009

Future fantasies

I am decluttering my life.
I fantasize about traveling. I was asked yesterday how I can travel so often. This girl assumed that I was a super saver, but in reality, it is a priority for me. I don't buy clothes. I don't buy shoes, makeup, furniture...I am simple in that regard. I do buy film, photos, and music for my ipod. Oh, I buy those, too. I am on #4.
I had an awesome day of walking and being green. Right now, I could use a cookie from St. Mark's Coffee Shop, but I don't know how motivated I am to drive over there. They are my favorite, though.
I went to the library and found some memoirs on solo travel and broke down and got books from Oprah's book club. I need inspiration. I want to read, but I despise wasting my time on a boring book. My aunt lent me 4 books and none of them were awe-inspiring. I trudged through them and now I am hoping that Oprah's list will be fantastic. I had read some of her choices. I enjoyed The Corrections, She's Come Undone, I Know This Much is True, A Million Little Pieces and Love in the Time of Cholera to name a few.
I am trying to read, challenge myself or enjoy the outside as opposed to cyberstalking on facebook. I have realized that a lot of people are on there all of the time, filling out random, mundane, stupid tests about themselves or others. I have also discovered that for a lot of people, they just want to talk about how great they are. They don't really look at other people's profiles. For example, this girl that I knew years ago, asked me if I was still in Salina. Funny, I know that I am listed as a Denver network and if you just look at some of the photos it is apparent that I am not in Kansas nor have I been for years. It is annoying.
I feel that I could definitely spend my time in a more constructive fashion.
I have had some great reconnections because of it. I acknowledge that aspect. I believe though, for some, it is narcisstic. My advice to them, is look outside of yourself and see the rest of the world!
Alright, I think I am searching for a cookie. I give in.

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