Friday, April 3, 2009

Being Green....

I wanted to be green in every sense of the word for 2009.
It's been a slow start. The winter has been mild and yes, I walk everywhere, but I have been guilty of using plastic bags and not recycling everything I could. Also, I could walk more, bike or take the bus to work.
Today, I began with yoga and then opted to walk to Vitamin Cottage. It is a hike and it was glorious. I stopped by the library, dropped some mail off (yes, I still believe in written communication) and eventually, went to Vitamin Cottage.
I picked up some necessities and peanut butter pretzels--yummy--and when I went to the check-out there was a notice saying they were no longer providing check-out bags, beginning March of 09. It was pretty cool and I was glad that I had brought my backpack along; otherwise, it would have been an awkward walk home.
I think it is great our options are being limited in terms of screwing up the environment. I have 3 re-useable bags and of course, the back pack. I do not shop once a week. Rather, I am a when I need something--shop-type-person. I could be more efficient with it, but am fortunate to live by several different supermarkets and so it isn't inconvenient to shop in this fashion.
Plus, it keeps me off of the computer or watching tv. I have had a nice week of reflection, reading and writing. I am trying to embrace my creative side along with being more green in life.

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