Friday, April 24, 2009

Why I need help, sometimes.........

I have 3 sisters. I am the second oldest. Growing up, I would watch Michaela do all of the firsts. I guess, what I am really referring to, is learning how to drive.
At that point, my parents were divorced and Michaela went to driver's ed. My mom owned a 1983 Volvo wagon and that would become Michaela's car. It was a manual and so frustrating to learn on. Plus, my mom was an impatient teacher. I didn't want to take driving lessons from my mom. After watching my sister learn how to drive, I opted to A) buy my own car and B) make sure it was an automatic. I am hindered, forever, for that decision.
However, my mom couldn't take my car away from me, unlike my sister.
I am a terrible manual driver. I have been taught a few times, but since it isn't consistent I am not a confident stick driver.
I learned to be independent/self-sufficient at an early age.
There are times, when I could use help, or more likely, I rely on a man to do it. For instance, changing out headlights, most car related stuff, electrical work--you know, stuff that guys like and do. On Wednesday, my friend's engine light went on. She pulled over and I unlatched the hood. While she and I wondered which oil to use, I checked the level and she called her husband. He didn't answer and so she stopped this random guy and asked for his assistance. He didn't want to mess up her BMW and so she wandered inside.
A few minutes later, she returned with a helpful twenty-something. His first question was--don't you have a manual? (I never read anything. I want to turn it on and have it work.) He told her it was probably the 30 oil and we added it to her car.
It made me realize how reliant both of us were/are on the men or in my case, lack of men in our lives. I should know how to change my oil. I had a roommate that dependently changed his own oil every 3 months. He offered to show me how to do it, several times, but I wasn't interested. Time is money, right? My time is important and I would prefer paying someone to get messy and change my oil.
Neither of us, Jean, nor I, considered looking for the car manual. Another thing that I hope to change in future issues with my car, my camera or my ipod. I should pay more attention to the resources that are available to me.


Jane said...

I enjoyed this post and your blog, and will be back to visit soon! Like you, I prefer to leave car-related stuff to a reliable mechanic!


harmony said...

Thanks, Jane. I appreciate your comment and hope to check out your blog, too.
Yes, leaving the car stuff to the mechanic makes it so much more pleasant in my world.

Nancy said...

Boy, I couldn't agree more. I am really lame when it comes to anything mechanical. I have always relied on the men in my life (and still do.) As for the manual vs stick shift, I insisted both of my daughters have manual transmissions in their first cars. It was harder to teach them (I did the teaching - my husband not patient enough.) My feeling was-if they could drive a stick they could drive almost anything in a pinch. But we are all out of it when it comes to anything else car wise. My bad. I should have made them take a shop class of something!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Jun said...

I also experienced trying to fix my vehicle but alas, on hindsight, it could have been better if a real mechanic did it. Not everyone is an expert on anything, this I have learned. Peace...