Thursday, April 30, 2009


Last Monday, I was in Mossy Rock, Washington with my friend, Jean. She informed me she had a plan for us while staying at the cabin. She had this burn pile and insisted that we burn it. She made us mojitos and brought out a mini flame and newspapers. We placed the paper around the fire and tried to light the paper. The torch was cheap and didn't work. Instead, we opted for matches and began again. Initially, it wouldn't take. I felt foolish that I couldn't even start a fire with matches. I knew that Jean really wanted to burn her pile and so we kept at it and eventually the fire started.
It was awesome and felt so freeing. I felt like doing a dance, in honor of the freedom it provided me. I let go of fear, of worry and of negativity. I embraced opportunity, possibilty and transition. It almost felt cathartic or if I had experienced an epiphany. Chanting would have been an interesting consideration in hind sight.
Burning was intoxicating. We were watchful since we didn't want to burn the house down. With the two of us, you never know. I have known Jean since 96 and we have done some foolish things together.
She had other piles ready, but the wood was wet/green. Jean has always enjoyed yard work and hopes to put in a garden for the summer. I wish that I had a green thumb, but I have not had much success with the whole grow a garden or keep plants alive thing. I do have a few from Brian's passing that have survived. My aunt had them, last year, while I was traveling and so we will see how long they survive in my care.
I have been on the edge of where my life will lead next. Traveling continues to entice me, food encourages me and wine educates me. I suppose I am looking for my next adventure and the burn pile ignited those desires of transition and change.
Until I find a new burn pile, I will reflect on how freeing the process in Mossy Rock was. Be well.

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