Thursday, April 9, 2009


More coffee--so far, that is what I have attracted.
Oh, and watching road rage along Speer Blvd. I don't blame the motorists since I saw 4 cops on a mile stretch of that road. Plus, there is road construction on the other side and so I felt fortunate to be walking, coffee in hand, listening to my ipod. Everyone should slow down and enjoy, instead of racing/speeding/slamming on their brakes. Driving is not attractive to me, right now
I haven't driven since Sunday. I am trying to hold true to the idea of being green this year. Small changes are powerful, too. Plus, why not? I think more. I contemplate. I make sense when I am walking. I think of all of these things I could discuss on my blog and then I sit down to do it and I am blank. Perhaps, later, I will have more inspiration.
Last night it was nice to catch up with my cousin. He has had an interesting life and I enjoyed hearing him tell me about his family. I can sense that he is a great dad and committed to being there. Who could ask for more?
I saw on yahoo that kids do not always create happiness in relationships or so a survey found. Really? Big surprise. I think as I have contemplated the kid factor in my life, that it is normal to not always be happy with kids. But, at least you always have something to occupy your time.
Me, I go in spurts where I am truly bored and wish that I had a dining companion or someone that I could always count on to listen to me and my endless rants. I do enjoy my life. It's awesome. There is a lot of freedom with it, but I don't have many ties to being in Denver or the States for that matter. I guess I like the idea of that freedom and want to continue to have that availability in my life. I have many friends with kids and some friends without. There really is no right or wrong. Each relationship is different and I believe that is why some relationships prosper without children and some grow with children.
I am on the fence with it. I don't know how I feel, truly, about being a mom. It is too soon for me in my life. I like being selfish and being able to travel here or there and get up at 2 pm since I can. I like the idea that I am only responsible for myself.
I suppose I will continue to attract a life of travel, solitude to a certain extent and food, of course. Be well...

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scarlethue said...

Hi Harmony. From reading a few of your posts, it seems we're very similar women, just on different paths. :)

I read that story about children on yahoo as well. My husband and I have decided we probably aren't going to have kids. We have too much living to do ourselves, and in a strange, non-conformist way, I don't consider kids part of that "living," at least not yet. We're planning a huge Italy trip in 2012 right now. I think I'll reevaluate when we get back from that, as I will officially be 30 (yikes), but I doubt anything will change.

I'm so sorry about your boyfriend. I bet you're tired of hearing that. If I lost my husband... well we won't go into that. I'll just say it's my number 1 fear (and 2, and 3...). Better to have loved and lost, I guess? That sounds so trivial, that quote, in a situation like yours, but there's just so little someone can say. Nothing really.

Please feel free to visit me whenever you want. I promise I'm rarely that mushy. I plan on visiting your blog too. I love to read about other people's travels.