Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Like Attracts Like....

Bored, waiting to meet my cousin, I decided to check out flights to Boston. Last week, I found tickets for just over $200 and this week, they are about one hundred dollars more. It isn't that much and I am going to Boston, but haven't purchased the tickets, yet.
I decided to look on facebook, but feel that lately, it has been supernarcisstic for me. I want to enrich my life, not better it by seeing how different I am from people from my high school. I am still put out, by the one girl that wrote me a lengthy response with no interest in my life whatsoever. Or, the girl that asked if I were still in Salina. I guess, I feel that I am considerate and at least cyberstalk what you are doing, not assume that there have been no changes in your life.
With more time to kill, I opted to cyber stalk blogs. I haven't done much of that, but the one I found, Life in the Second Half, was great and her post today was reflecting a lot of my current thougts as of late.
Like attracts like.
The news is negative and not informative. I keep hearing the Jack Johnson song, The News, and it is a theme in my life right now. I quit being interested in the news when Brian died. They, the press and the tv, wanted a story about what happened. They called me, they waited for me at my apartment, talked to the managers and of course, went to Brian's job. It turned me off. Why would I want to comment on losing Brian and have it posted all over? There I was--crying, always crying and in shock. What a fantastic story....and then, it seemed that the news had become desensitized. Instead of saying---there was a death, it's this person was killed. He died. He was murdered. There are no thoughts of the living. Only in how many papers will sell.
But, that is my story...look at how there is nothing positive in print. We sell fear. We sell negativity. We sell death.
There is so much more to life and I really have been contemplating that lately. Maybe it is all of the yoga, being the moment that I have been listening to. I believe in possibility and now, I know that I am not the only one out there with alternative beliefs. This lady has a ton of followers and almost all of them felt the same way about the news and about negativity.
So, I will continue to blog my life, my interaction with food, travel and friends. I know I began this as a way to connect with friends/family while traveling, but it morphed into more. I stay connected to my international friends and it is an outlet for me to discover my life after Brian's passing. I feel honest with it.
Have a wonderful evening and focus on the positive. Remember, Like attracts like. I think of some of the people I have met and know it is true. I needed them for something and they appeared--ie--Ilona from Australia on the bus, Brian, always Brian entering my life and showing me how to love, and Melody in Santa Fe--her name alone is positive and it is fun to hang out with her and tell people our names...she always makes me feel positive about life, the universe and people.
Be well.

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