Saturday, May 16, 2009


May is all about graduation. I attended my cousin Beau's graduation from high school in 2005 and that was the last official ceremony.
This year, I am congatulating Shari and my friend, Jessica. Shari finished massage school yesterday and I am super proud of her. Or, maybe, I am just looking forward to getting a massage from her, now that she is a trained professional. Kidding. I am happy for her and know that this brought peace and discovery to her life. It also expanded her social network, introduced her to more homeopathic healing and reinforced NIA. I think it occupied more of her travel time than she liked, but now she has a way of extending travel through trade. I hope that she will visit me soon and I can drive her to Santa Fe. I want her to experience Mauka Restaurant and possibly get a massage from Melody. I wonder if I arrange it, will I get some discount from either of them? Insert another bout of jest.
My friend, Jessica, and I met at the Saucy Noodle. I enjoy take-out and typically, on Friday nights, I would have a glass of wine while waiting for my take-out. I befriended Jessica and Jamie. Eventually, I worked there on a temporary fill-in basis and we became co-workers. It was brief.
We also bonded over yoga and recently she completed her hot yoga teacher training. Today, she is celebrating her accomplishments. Of course, I have to work, but I would like to stop by and support her. Also, I find it interesting that we celebrate high school graduation with more gifts and affirmation than at the collegiate level. I remember banking from my high school party and at my college graduation it was more about well wishing--why is that? Why don't we shower graduates with gifts instead of just drinking their beer?
Enjoy your day as I am planning on doing mine. I woke up early and had a fantastic morning.

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