Wednesday, May 20, 2009


My first tarot reading took place in Melbourne, Australia. Surely, I wrote about it since it was a memorable experience. I know that I e-mailed some friends, after it, since I was overwhelmed by what the reader said.
I enjoy readings. I have had a few since then, but none compare to the first time. I think due to the newness. I was aprehensive, but drawn to the area of readers. I scoped it out and decided to trust a woman with super blue eyes. She seemed the most honest, based on appearance. She didn't have any McDonald's in front of her, like this other reader.
I enjoy receiving readings from Bryn, and have, a few times. Typically, she spreads out her throw on the dining room table, I shuffle the cards and we go from there. Both times I have left feeling optimistic about the present and future.
My reader at the Bull I see more frequently. Catherine is entertaining, but I am always disctracted by work and the other customers. Plus, I believe in my privacy and it seems that once she begins reading for me, conversation stops and my life is on display.
Catherine reads differently than the others, too. I ask a question and she looks at my 3 cards and determines the outcome. She doesn't explain what the card means or how she applies her knowledge to the reading. I asked her about it once, and her reply was, I don't read cards like that.
I suppose whatever works and I do enjoy seeing her.
I think I am thinking about this today, since I have been pondering circumstances in my life and why I have encounters with some people. I would love to be positive all of the time, but I am not. I do have reinforcements from the interactions I have with people in my life. For instance, in August, I am heading to Maine to stay with a friend who recently lost her husband. I do not know her well. I know her sister and brother-in-law better, but I am excited to spend time with her and explore Maine. In reality, I don't know if our paths would have crossed without the commonality between us. I suppose I am open to the opportunity, too. I feel it is important to be available to possibilities that occur in life. I suppose, I am too open to travel, some would say.
I always meet chefs. I think that I will forever meet chefs because of Brian. I have experienced amazing meals because of this, too. I think of how different my life would be if I didn't take chances or have faith in mankind, sometimes.
So, I suppose what I am trying to say, is be open to possibility, smile and enjoy your day. Positive things happen to those who are open to them...


scarlethue said...

You're like a "Yes" woman :)

I've always wanted to have a tarot reading. Husband doesn't believe in that, and I don't know that i DO, but I would like to. I tried learning how to read them once myself but I wasn't very good.

harmony said...

My tarot reader, Catherine, gave me some cards for my birthday last year. I have sorted through them, tried to read them, but don't feel the same connection to it as when someone reads for me.
I say do it. There will be an opportunity and you'll know it is right. It's interesting and gives a different perspective to your current reality. Let me know how it goes, when you get your reading.