Friday, May 15, 2009


Friday=Funday for most.
For me, Friday equals work, yoga, oil change and hoping to find screens on my windows. Nope, didn't happen. Well, yoga, work and oil change happened. And, of course, I needed some overdrive relay installed, too. It always seems like there is more to my car than just your typical oil change. I try to be good and do the maintenance, on time, and so it can be frustrating when there are additional costs that I don't understand. I should have paid more attention to the men that have tried to educate me about cars.
Last summer, Chichi and I endured the heat, the bugs and the openness of our duplex because we had just moved in and didn't want to burden the landlord. Plus he travels, a lot, and wasn't in Denver often.
This year, I e-mailed him and politely asked if he would be able to install screens since I didn't want to have wasps in my place, again. He called me and said it was doable. He measured the windows on Wednesday and told me that he would be able to put the screens in yesterday or today.
I returned from a dayshift at the Bull and saw that one screen was installed. I was excited until I got closer and realized that it was too small. Bugs can still venture into my space. I opened my door and saw that he had stopped with the one screen that is too small. I don't know if he made more measurements or what his plans are. I believe he has good intentions, but feel that I won't have working screens until mid-next week. It isn't a huge priority, but screens would be nice. I pay rent on time and feel that I am not being unreasonable about this. My landlord is a flake. I remember when we did a walk-through and he didn't have the keys to the unit. I should have known then that this would be normal in our relationship.
Friday will continue and I will still be avoiding the funday aspect. Oh, being good can be so boring...

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