Thursday, May 7, 2009


Happy Thursday. It is a beautiful day.
I am working this afternoon and then Tiffany and I are going to check out Houston's. They opened one in Denver and I have heard that it is a beautiful bar and had a fantastic wine list. The food is overpriced--according to Dave and Erik. I am not surprised, though, since I have been to a Houston's in Kansas City and the original one in Phoenix. Neither one impressed too much. Actually, the service at the one in Phoenix was atrocious. I remember being annoyed with the entire experience. I think we were heading to a beer dinner at McCormick and Schmick's and wanted a cocktail before we went. This was in 2001 when I was still at 4 Peaks.
Mostly, I am interested in the wine list and the food will be a small, necessary detail. We are going with one of the servers from Cherry Creek Grill. Yes, it is the same company. Chris, our friend, has some points that he wants to use and we want to check out the scene. A few weeks ago, Tiffany convinced Chris to bring us dip duo and the macho salad on a Saturday night. I was ecstatic since I love the macho salad.
Afterwards, Jimmy told me that Chris had offered to bring food in on a Thursday. While they were negotiating what sounded good, Tiffany swooped in and told Chris to bring food in on a Saturday. I laughed. I mean, I wasn't even there during the negotiation and I completely benefitted from the conversation. I do know Chris and it is fitting that he fed Tiffany and me.
Tonight should be interesting and I have been looking forward to it. I figure that we will end up at Elway's, too, or Tiffany will want to end up at the Bull. I am walking and so I will be forced to either walk from Cherry Creek or cab it back from the Bull. I think that will prevent me from being enticed into going to the Bull. It always sounds like a great idea, but it ends badly. I feel that I should avoid it tonight. It is too comfortable and Tiffany and I tend to want someone to open a new bottle of wine that continues to empty. The next day I am in need of Alleve or G2, in a bad way.
Enjoy your day, the sunshine and life.

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