Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Melody...

It is my friend, Melody's birthday, today.
We celebrated a few weeks ago while I was in Santa Fe. Of course, I could celebrate, again, and would love to be able to do that with her.
Melody is a positive force in my life. She is a true friend and one that I met in a random occurence. I was staying at Territorial Inn in Santa Fe. My friend, Sara Jo, had backed out at the last minute, but being me and being stubborn, I decided to go by myself.
The hotel was nice and offered massage services. I set up an appointment and patiently awaited my hour of bliss. They spa called me to let me know that there had been a scheduling error and offered a half hour in their whirl pool to ease the pain. I accepted.
After the half hour of sitting under a skylight and soaking up heat, I was relaxed. I met my therapist with little interest of knowing her name. I'll be honest. I could barely say my name and when I did--I continued with, you know, harmony, like music. Her response was, I get that, too. I thought it was odd, but didn't pursue it further.
After the fantastic massage, I asked her name. I got it. I understood the whole comment she made from earlier.
Since I was by myself, I asked Melody is she wanted to have a drink with me. I think I prefaced it with, I know this might sound strange, but you seem nice and I feel like having a glass of wine...she declined due to a prior engagement.
Six months later, I returned to Santa Fe with Sara Jo. I contacted Melody for massages and we have been friends ever since.
She was one of the first people I called while on my road trip after Brian's passing. I wanted to spend a few days in Santa fe. I wanted a dining companion and so she met for Isoscyles wine, foie gras and food coma at Geronimo.
I am thankful for her presence in my life and grateful for her friendship. I hope she has a fantastic birthday today. She deserves it.
Be well and thank you for listening...


scarlethue said...

Melody and Harmony, y'all were made for each other :)

harmony said...

cute...and yes, it is fun to introduce her to people....