Thursday, May 21, 2009

--The World is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page--St. Augustine

I love this quote.
My friend, Andy, mentioned it today in an e-mail. He has been in Singapore for a week and so we correspond while he travels and vice versa. He sent me a photo of his co-workers and we normally discuss the food he encounters while traveling. He has been to Japan, a lot.
Today, he sent me the quote and I felt it was perfect and matched my mood.
I changed my status on facebook to pay tribute to the quote. A few people agreed that it was a good quote and one lady said--no. People who don't travel are broke:) I do not agree. You can make traveling a priority.
I suppose all of life is a trade-off. I choose to travel. I abhor shopping. Really, I shop for wine. I love going to Argonaut to choose the right bottle for whatever occasion. A friend of mine was visiting in February and I needed more wine. We drove to Argonaut and we wondered around the store. I think he was bored, but I felt like the kid in the candy store. I love perusing the aisles and seeing what is available. Finally, I chose a few bottles to entertain them with...I felt confident in my choices.
I do not shoe shop. I do not go shopping for clothes. I don't buy cars. I buy wine, food and trips. I completely agree with St. Augustine.
There is nothing wrong with shopping or having a family. It just isn't in the cards for me, right now. I love my niece and nephews. I enjoy visiting them. But, I like knowing that I can leave them, too. I still have the freedom to be me, with no strings attached to someone else.
I enjoy traveling, too much. I love seeing flight specials and deciding to go. It isn't a question of when, but where. My next trip is a road trip. Of course, I prefer flying, but sometimes, road trips are awesome. There is something liberating about getting in my car and going. I could drive for hours and be completely content.
I should utilize more of my trips and reflect on them. I forget that, at times...


Rachael said...

I am so envious... and also inspired!

scarlethue said...

It is a choice, definitely. My husband and I love to travel and have made the choice to put off children, possibly forever, so we can see the world. We're going out west this fall, but we're saving for a huge two or three week Italy trip, maybe 2011, probably 2012. I have better things to do than chase sticky, whiny children!

harmony said...

I haven't been to Italy, but met a really great guy from Florence, while on a day trip in Bariloche, Argentina. He said that I would always be welcome. I have tried to extend this offer to friends that are traveling there, but with little success. It could be different in a year, though.
Where in the west will you be heading?
Thank you, both, for the kind words of support/encouragement.