Wednesday, May 20, 2009

friends and expressing gratitude

Last night, Megan and I agreed to meet for wine. My neighbors are relocating to D.C. at the end of June. I am bummed since I like them. I enjoy spending time with her and Mark. They are intelligent, thoughtful and we always have great conversations. A few weeks ago, Mark made red curry and we drank wine and eventually, port. The next morning was difficult, but I think I still made it to yoga.
We thought about walking to Wash Park and drinking wine. As the day progressed and we considered the rain factor, we chose to sit on her stoop in the back yard. She made pasta and we drank wine. She gave me some note cards that they had picked up in Vietnam and organic soy milk. I am thankful for those moments of sharing lives, food and wine. I will miss them. I can only hope that their replacements are as generous with their time.
I wanted to post a thank you on facebook, but then I felt why not write a thank you note? I mean, it is more thoughtful and real in my book. Plus, facebook enables less verbal communication or something of a hard copy. You can delete the posts and it is a half-assed way of saying, thank you. I believe in written communication, too. I think I have expressed that ad nauseum, but feel it is worth mentioning again. There is an etiquette in thank you cards. I enjoy writing them and receiving them. My friend, Melody, sent me one yesterday and it made my day. I love getting good mail. It reaffirmed why I enjoy spending time with her and why I choose to send thank you cards. They are a positive, concrete way of cultivating friendships.
Enough. I am off of the soap box. And, I have to be productive today.

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