Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peanut Butter returns to its rightful place as a staple in my kitchen...

Last year, at this time, I was seeing an acupunctist, regularly. Two, actually.
One guy works out of my yoga studio and I saw him, first, due to the convenience factor. I was dealing with my garden variety staph infection that I had stubbornly avoided for 5 months. Let's just say that it wasn't fun at any point.
I felt that acupuncture would be a good avenue to pursue and it was, but I needed western medicine to fully expunge the infection from my system. Still, I went to the acupuncturist as a way to counter balance some of the effects of the antibiotics. It seemed right to me and I guess I was trying to do what I felt was best for me and my body. Nevertheless, my first guy told me that I should avoid alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, dairy and peanut butter. Basically, everything that I wanted to eat. I had been able to eat peanut butter while I traveled, but it was always some native brand and never as good as Skippy. I had no name in South Africa as well as Black Cat. I always had peanut butter while I traveled. It made me feel like home and I like it.
So, hearing that I wasn't supposed to eat it since it inflamed the problem, made me sad, but I knew that I needed to consider what he was saying. I went to another acupuncturist who is older and knows more chinese medicine and he repeated, verbatim, what the first guy had said. Actually, JP expanded my list of don't eats to include orange juice. I couldn't understand that one, but it creates damp heat in the body or more clogging of your chi. For me, I was trying to find my equilibrium and so I stopped drinking oj and eating peanut butter. Both were crazy if they thought I was going to give up mexican food when I hadn't eaten it in 5 months! I moderated and created meals without cheese or additional spice.
Wow, that was long. I went to the store today and bought peanut butter. I miss it and I decided to be moderate with it. I mean, you cannot completely withhold something that you are used to--it's stupid and really, I crave it then. This way, I can appreciate it and savor how fantastic it tastes. Plus, I haven't been to the acupuncturist since August. I support acupuncture and recommend my guys, but I still want my "bad" foods in my diet. I can live with it!

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