Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recent dreams

I have dreamed a lot lately.
Or, I am remembering more of them and dreaming the same amount. I have dreamed of seeing Brian, hummingbirds, bites and high school friends. It is a bizarre combination.
I understand why I dream of Brian. I normally enjoy the dreams of him. It makes me feel connected to him and I wake up feeling loved. The last one was difficult, since I dreamt that he was alive and didn't want to tell me. I woke up, forgot, and remembered later in the day. I tried to explain the significance of it and all I could think is that he wants me to move forward, be happy and didn't tell me that he was alive because he didn't want to interrupt that.
The hummingbird was an interesting dream, too. All I remember was that I was outside and a beautiful hummingbird was following me. I was intrigued by it, and then it ended.
Of course, the bite returned in my dreams. I envisioned that I was covered in bites. Well, my butt was. It freaked me out enough to actually wake up. I had 10-15 bites on one side, but they weren't open or active. They were ready to erupt, evolve and create pain in my life. I suppose if I try to explain that one, I am on the verge of a transition and scared of it. I remember thinking (in my dream) that no, I didn't want to go to the doctor! And, why does this happen to me? Maybe I am just afraid of the doctor...who knows?
Last night, I dreamed of moving in to a rental house in northeast Denver. My housemates would be one of my co-workers, Vera, and a friend of mine from high schools, Jenny. It seemed odd, then, as it does now, since I would never imagine spending time with both of them at the same time. Anyways, the house was cute and and had 3 bathrooms or so the landlord said. When we moved in, we could only find two bathrooms and then somehow I was considering sleeping outside since it was cooler. But, we were in northeast Denver and it was a rough area in my dream. I remember considering the logistics of proximity to things, too. I contemplated riding my bike downtown or to work since it was too far to walk. I realized that I had sacrificed a lot to be accomodating to them.
Also, I had auditioned for a part in a play and got it. My old drama teacher was in charge and the high school was in Phoenix. I was definitely blending places from my past. I woke up and thought it was 9 am. Of course, it was only 6--lovely.
I wonder what tonight will bring. Until then, if you have any ideas about my combination of dreams, please let me know.

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