Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happier now......

Sun is shining--absolutely, love Bob Marley. He is another artist whose music reminds me of Brian. I have many memories associated with Marley's music.
Lately, in yoga, all of the teachers seem to be on a reggae kick and so it is reinforced daily.
I took a break for a few days to reconnect with priorities in my life. Plus, work can be exhausting and I can be negative after a few shifts at the bull. The customers always provide entertainment, but my co-workers are trying/annoying--especially on Sunday mornings. It is an ongoing cycle of negativity to each other and customers as well as complaining about the lack of side work or consideration for each other. Last Sunday, the shifts changed and the p.m. shift had to clean up multiple tables, linens and ketchups. Basically, they walked into a messy restaurant. The a.m. servers were smoking/celebrating and so before I left, I approached them and kindly asked them to clean up the ketchups, linens and tidy the place up. I left. I asked because it was the right thing to do. I felt if I asked them instead of the awaiting ambush, maybe, they were react in a better fashion. I left.
An argument erupted between the two staffs and for the past two days, I have heard about it, ad nauseum. I do not understand why it is so difficult to be considerate of each other. I feel that you should leave the area in a better form than how you found it. Plus, in the long run, everything runs more smoothly if it is clean and the items are in the place they belong. Every Sunday, there are problems. I wish my co-workers would grow up and be considerate of each other.
So, yes, I was negative on Sunday.
Then, I watched Party Down, or something like that, on Starz. It is a comedy about the catering industy in Los Angeles. I cracked up and enjoyed how they protrayed the service industry. It is a great show. Or, it was on Sunday. I needed to decompress and not think.
Today is a beautiful day and one day closer to my road trip to Santa Fe. Lovely! I am stoked. Yoga has been refreshing and challenging. For a few days, i was doubting its purpose in my life. I have faith it the benefits and feel more positive when I practice on a regular basis.
Be well....

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