Friday, May 8, 2009

Houston's and other wine stops

Houston's was okay. I arrived and the bar was 3 deep. We opted to return and went to North. It, too, was packed and had a negative vibe. We were en route to Elway's, but went into 2nd Home instead.
We sat at a lounge chair and had a glass of wine. The bar was packed and so we settled for table service. The by the glass wine list wasn't large and we both had a glass of Silver Palm cabernet. The waiter returned and offered us the $4 happy hour wine. I didn't understand that since we had asked for a specific glass of wine and if I wanted the $4 glass, I would have told him. That was the last we saw of our server. I have been to 2nd home 4 times and never been impressed with the service. Each time, I vow to never return since I don't like the service and the food is okay. It is upscale comfort food, reasonable priced, but not fantastic. I won't be going again this summer.
Next, we headed to Houston's. It still had a nice crowd, but we found a few bar stools available. Initally, I was seated by a solo older guy and so I had my back to him. Still, he tried to make conversation with us and with the other two girls on his left side. I wasn't about to get involved with this guy. I was out with Tiffany and not trying to get picked up.
She had a glass of cabernet franc and I had a glass of Jester, from South Australia. The bartender poured an awesome glass of wine and we looked at the menu. They had limited appetizers and nothing jumped out at me. I think they offer cheese toast and spinach/artichoke dip. Neither appealed to me and so we finished our wine and ended up at Elway's. Elway's is almost always busy and we found bar seats and eventually ordered the crab cake, au gratin potatoes and corn. I don't know how we thought of that particular combination, but it was nice. We each drank the Rapture cabernet-my favorite-and then I did a fun dip shot with the bartenders. We ran into some of my co-workers and watched little Ricky sing Sweet Caroline. At this point, there weren't many people forced to suffer to this rendition. He is tone deaf.
All in all, the evening was lovely. I enjoyed talking with Tiffany and the wine, of course. I wish that the menu was more enticing at Houston's, but I did like the wine list. I can see it on my rotation of places to go in Denver. Plus, it is walking distance for me. I enjoy that.
Have a great night as I hope to. Peanut butter cookies are calling me...

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