Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 Recap...I can't believe that I forgot to do this....

I suppose I could blame it on not sending out a christmas card and that would be true. Normally, I would write a lengthy letter, all about me and send it off to each of you. So, here goes...
2007 started off with me planning a fundraiser for the Brian Thompson Scholarship Foundation. January was stressful, but I did manage a kick trip to Chicago where I met Mark of the Map Room and he escorted me to a Bull's Game. It was awesome and the highlight was definitely seeing Kirk Hinrich play. I loved Chicago.
In February, we had the fundraiser on February 28 and it went extremely well. We raised $25,000 on a horribly icy night in February. I was supported by family and friends and felt very loved. I was fortunate to have so much support for that evening. 200 people attended and I was so relieved when it was over. I couldn't think. I was stressed out about my speech. Afterwards, I made up for it with Michaela, Jade, Pocketsize, Sarajo and friends from the Bull.
In March, I tried to stay close to Denver and I enjoyed the madness of basketball. Of course, my team let me down, but I have high hopes for this season. At the end of March, I went for a western road trip and made stops in Seattle to see Jean from college. I went to Oregon to spend time with my sisters and I took Jade on her first ever wine tour. That was a trip within itself. I was proud of her, however, since she did try a few red wines and she liked them. I felt it was time to move out of the riesling only stage.
I then drove to Napa, San Francisco and eventually to Santa Barbara to spend the night with my cousins. They were great and I definitely owe them an evening in Denver. I had a blast with Scott, Jason and their friends. From there, i drove to Las Vegas and spent the night with Cedrick and Carrie. I had fun at the casinos in Summerland and spending time with Crazy Carrie from Phoenix. Of course, I ended up in Santa Fe and met chef Ben there. I was treated to a 5 course meal for Easter. It is always nice to meet chefs!
That is just a snippet of my year. I was blessed with food, travel and friends. The one other huge high light was my lunch at the French Laundry. I loved it and didn't want to leave. My friend, Jenn and I spent 4 hours for lunch and it was a 9 course tasting menu. I wasn't hungry for awhile after that particular meal.
I spent a lot of time in Phoenix with Jan and Tom and I had visitors from Kansas and Wisconsin which I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved hiking with Hannah and Kellen and watching them over take other people so innocently. I reconnected with friends from high school and I had a nice lunch with Hailey, Cory and Andrew in Denver. Every time we meet for lunch, Hailey tells me that she is pregnant.
2007 was a wonderful year for me in terms of friendship an d understanding. Thank you, everyone, for supporting me in this venture. When I got off the plane in Fiji, I remember thinking--"Did I really just do this?" I survived because of your support and care. I thank you for your friendship and can only hope that I will be able to return the favor soon.
Please enjoy your 2008 as I know that I am and will. Life is for the living and you must make the most of it. Be it traveling, spending time with your kids or just drinking coffee. If you are passionate about it--do it!


Jadey said...

This comment brought tears to my eyes. I know these last 2 years have been difficult for you. Watching you overcome such a loss has been uplifting. I don't know how you have had the strength to stand up and move on with your life.
I feel truely blessed to be a part of your life everyday. Talking with you the other night was wonderful. Hearing your voice, your sarcasm, and your laughing will get me through the last couple months of your adventure. I can't wait to plan my next trip to either Denver or Vegas to see you.
Reading your recap of the year made me remember the night of Brian's fundraiser. It was so icy and we had to go to the airport to pick Michaela up. I remember your phone kept ringing and everytime you answered I swear the car swerved across the interstate. During one of your phone calls, I called Tab and whispered, "I think I'm going to die tonight in a car accident, tell the kids I love them". But luckily after picking up Mic we made it safely back into town. It was then that we slid through 2 intersections by the skin of our teeth. What a memory!!
Mic and I had a great time with you and Shari during that trip--we must do it again!
Well I love you but I must go for a day full of grocery shopping, yeah!
Be safe and stay in touch

harmony said...

I was scared, too, but determined to pick Michaela up. Yes, I was annoyed by my phone, but it couldn't be helped, now could it. It is something that I will never forget and it meant so much to me to have you there.
Let me know what works and we will make it happen. I just e-mailed Vegas and reminded him that March is just around the corner. We'll see how that works out.