Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best of South Africa

Obviously the wine was amazing...I spent 4 days in Stellenbosch and met some truly amazing people. I didn´t forget to do this. I ran out of time. Although my night spent at the airport at Joburg would have been the ideal time. I arrived at 11 pm, grabbed my bag and found a seat to sit on in front of the ticket counters. The locals and cleaners continued to look at me, like I was nuts, but I figure that this is normal in the whole scope of things. I was approached by a cop at 4 am who was spooky. He said that his shift ended at 7 but he lingered a tad too long. His eyes were bloodshot and so I think he might have been hanging out in the bar most of his shift...In South AFrica, the police hire security firms to protect them--nice, eh?
Anyways, I arrived in Buenos Aires and found my hotel. Before I left south africa, i acquired another mosquito bite about 2 cm from the first and so you can imagine how pleasant my flight was. Truly, i love mosqutoes!!!
I stayed at the hotel and enjoyed a lavish breakast this morning. I need to find a hostel and a tourist center to gear up on maps-whatnot. I think I will enjoy the hotels ammenties mostly. They have a gym and a spa. I think I am entitled to one spa treatment and I can´t wait.
Back to the importance of the title--BEST OF--

I stayed at two hostels and although I didn´t enjoy the noise of Long STreet, I couldn´t really avoid it. Plus, Nikki, Devin and Megan were awesome. They were accomodating and friendly. I really enjoyed spending time with Megan on the wine tour and look forward to meeting up with her next year, somewhere different.
The Ikaya Hostel in Stellenbosch was great since I had my own room. In reality, it was a dirty little hostel and the cleaning lady tried to come into my room, twice, without knocking and when she realized that i was still in the room, she left abruptly. I don´t know what her plan was since I don´t have anything to take besides dirty clothes and random books...
The safari tour by the AFrican Eagle was lame. I mean, they can´t guarantee the animals and they shouldn´t, but the whole tour was awful. I was the youngest--i know, normally a bonus for me--but it wasn´t a good vibe.
The Daytrippers Tour to Cape Peninsula was fun due to the bikes and the hike. The wind was not fun, but it is a fact of life in South AFrica.
On to the good--
The Best $60--The Africa Storey wine tour. Bruce is a wonderful guide and friend. I went on two tours in Stellenbosch with him and was not at all disappointed. He is knowledgable about wine and wants you to enjoy your day with him.
The best Mexican food--The Mexican Kitchen where I met Ross and was entertained with traveling stories. I enjoyed the fresh salsa as well.
The best experience of the trip was probably taking the 3rd class train from Stellenbosch. Nobody does it and that is why it is comical. It wasn´t scary, just another traveling experience. I would recommend to everyone take public transit.
The worst traveling--my shuttle to the airport. The guy totally ripped me off. I need to e-mail Nikki and tell her that the man who drove was a complete cheat/wanker!
I could probably go on forever....i really enjoyed South AFrica. I would love to return to explore more and drink more wines. I look forward to hearing about the continuning construction of the soccer world cup. It should be interesting to see how it all plays out.
Talk to you later--

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