Monday, January 21, 2008

Wine Tour #2

Bruce picked Megan and I up for the tour to Stellenbosch. There were 12 of us, this time, and he had arranged to go to new wineries for me. We started at Fairview which is available in the States and also has a cheese farm attached. There were two others, Charlie and Lissie, that had went on a tour with Bruce and so we were separated from the group and had a private, VIP tasting. It was lovely. We tried 8 wines accompanied with 6 different cheeses. I loved their bleu cheese and a few of their wines stood out. I liked their semillon and quite a few of the reds.
Afterwards, we went to Chaminoux which was okay. I wasn't overly impressed, but it was new and they served us an apertif for dessert. Our next stop was lunch and I had a cabernet with my sandwich and then we stopped in the chocolate shop in Franschoek for dessert. I purchased post cards while the others ate ice cream. Did I mention that there were 3 Americans on my tour? They were from New York and quite friendly.
The last two stops on this tour were in Stellenbosch and places that I had been too. However, Bruce let me try other wines from each place and all in all it was a great day. I found sunflowers and the day was glorious.
Also, he gave each of us a bottle of wine to say thank you for riding his tour again. Plus, he mentioned that 3 people took his tour since I had recommended it. I suppose I am good pr/marketing when I want to be. Plus, Bruce is an accomodating tour guide and fun to be around. After he dropped us off, he came back to the hostel and drank wine with Megan and I. I had a fantastic day!
Of course, last night I woke up, completely hot and uncomfortable. I went out to the main room and turned on the tv to cool off. I found college basketball on and so I watched part of the Syracuse/Georgetown game and it was followed by the Texas/OSU game, which unfortunately started at 4 am and so I didn't catch much of that one.
I leave for Buenos Aires tonight and should arrive tomorrow at some point. I can't wait!!!
Take care and keep living life!!!


seblack69 said...

Uhh, just in case you were worried - Texas won that game. We have moved up to #12. Yes, I know Kansas is #2, they should really be #1. Sounds like you are having a great time and we miss you. Love ya, Stephen

Robin said...

Hi Harmony-Glad to hear your moving on to new ground. YOu will definetly have some memorable stories to share with everyone when you get home. Are you taking any pics along the way? The safari sounds great, although if the animals seemed drugged that would be like taking a trip to the zoo.

Loving the journey!!