Saturday, January 5, 2008

Countdown to South Africa...

Today is my last full day at the backpackers. Tomorrow, I will check out and leave my bag at the Emperor's Crown until I depart for the Perth airport. From there, I will love a 5 hour flight into Sydney, pick up my bag, store it somewhere and head into the city for one final wine toast of my trip in Australia. I even think I know the place that I am going to go. It is called the Torres Family deli and they offer sandwiches and it is a gourmet shop. They have Penfold's wine which is why I noticed it in the first place. I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate there and end my venture with Penfold's since that is why I came to Australia. Next time, i will have to make more of an effort to get to the Great Barrier Reef and check out the east coast. I met some great people in Fiji who live in Brisbane and I would love to see them on my next adventure.
I will check this tomorrow since I will still have access to the free internet of the library. I love that it is conveniently located and user friendly. I intend to mail off post cards and volunteer at Govinda's which is part of the Hare Krishna faith. No, I am not being converted to umharmony, yet, but I do like their food and I can't believe that I am admitting this--I miss working. I want to help out and the other day they let me prep some food in their kitchen in exchange for a wonderful meal. They are pleasant people and outside of asking me if I wanted to go to their temple, kept to themselves. One lady is from the States and her husband is from Wisconsin. They do have a Govinda's in Denver at 14th and Cherry. I have never eaten there, but i will check it out when I return. I also met a guy from one of the islands off of Africa. It is amazing the people that I have met...different life stories, histories and perspectives. I am intrigued.
The german lady from Margaret River is staying at my hostel. I discovered it this morning and can only hope that she isn't in my room. She was so negative and I almost choked when I saw her in the toilet. We didn't make eye contact and so I don't know if she recognized me or not. Hopefully, she didn't since I don't intend on having another conversation with her.
I will do my best of Australia tomorrow since I am almost out of time. I have a full day of exploring Perth and trying to stay out of the hostel. The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day. I spoke to Steve Black last night and tried to call Pocketsize, but I was unable to get ahold of her. Answering machines are the worst.
Well, take care and enjoy!

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