Saturday, January 12, 2008


DO I LOVE SA wines or not???
I was picked up by Bruce this morning. He was born deaf and had cochlear implants when he was 10. You would never know that he was deaf. Anyways, he agreed to take me to L"Ormanin in Franschoek since I wanted to go there. We started in the Stellenbosch and it was okay. There were 6 people--4 women and two men. I wanted to kick the last person out of the tour since she was polish, lived in Vancouver. I mentioned that wine in Washington was awesome and she said--wine in Canada is just as good. I quit listening after that.
We had lunch and concluded with 2 additional wineries. I approached Bruce about going on another tour and he agreed to take me since I was 'nice". I know, American and what not, but nice works.
South Africa has fantastic wines and the people are interesting. I met a peace corps volunteer from nambia. She works with the Aids Project and as I was telling her about people sniffing glue here to get high, she topped me. Apparently, in Nambia, kids shit in a plastic bag, let it dry and the sniff it to get high. I know---NICE. I was so disgusted but understood that yes, it does happen. We are very fortunate in the States in spite of our current financial/political situation. Yes, I have encountered racists of my own traveling and yes, I have encountered people that do not particularly enjoy our president. SURPRISING, I KNOW.
Well, I am buzzed and in need of some sustenance. Italian always does the trick. Eat up and enjoy!!!

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