Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Mexican Kitchen

I arrived in Cape Town and decided to stay at the Inn Long Street Backpackers. I was advised to avoid some of the hostels due to the band in the hostel factor since I am big on sleep and not on noise. Anyways, I wound up with brochures of the area and took a walkabout around 5ish. On my way back, I saw a restaurant called the Mexican Kitchen and i knew that I would be eating there. I didn't care if it wasn't good, I wanted Mexican food. I approached the lady sweeping and asked her when she closed. She didn't understand me and so this man came forward and he was the owner. He started telling me about their corn chips/nachos and I was there for about an hour listening to Ross speak of his food, restaurant and his travels. He has traveled extensively in Argentina and of course, I was extremely interested in that. I had a Corona--I know, I haven't actually drank one of those in forever. Regardless, I enjoyed my conversation with Ross and I think he might be in Mexico when I return to the States. I gave him Vegas's restaurant to explore in Rocky Point and I gave him some restaurants around the States, plus the Bull and Bush if he made it to Denver.
I returned to have enchiladas and it was good. I liked the fresh salsa, cilantro, and guacamole. I felt like I was at home.
Later, I returned to my hostel and took a salt bath. Of course, the light was out in the bathroom and so they rummaged for some candles and I had a proper bath. I want my bite as clean as possible. I went to bed with ear plugs since Long Street is a party street. I woke up at 5 ish to consider running. This Irish guy, James, was drunk and very talkative. He suggested waiting until at least half 6 since there were still beggars out there. He was right and they were relentless. There were so many street people waiting for their handout and kids running up the street. It is a little unsettling to see the poverty and feel the lack of security.
We had an interesting conversation ranging from American football to the upcoming election. I think that he has followed the primaries more than most Americans. He watched the concession speech of Obama for New Hamshire and had a legitimate opinion on each of the candidates. I wasn't too surprised since most of the world is following the political situation in the States.
I suppose I will stay here for a few days and then either make my way east to Port Elizabeth or go on a safari or head to the winelands. Either way, I will make the most of it.
South Africa is beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of it.


Shari said...

Good to hear you made it safe. I have my tickets booked to Costa Rica. I'll send more details when it gets closer. It's going to be wonderful.

Tom and I watched the Republican debates last night. I must be informed so that I can the word out. I know that Hilary should be making a trip to Minnesota and I am planning on taking as many young women as I can to see her. Regardless of ones views this is a historic event. Both parties have been very interesting to watch. The biggest problem is the fact that most americans don't pay attention. I will do my part.

Let us know about the vineyards and the wines of South Africa.

Take Care.
Love, Shari

Robin said...

Harmony-Finally, mexican food, I'm guessing it isnt like the mexican food we get here?? A safari, now that sounds very interesting, I will forward to that update. Be safe.