Friday, January 25, 2008


I was distracted yesterday and so I forgot to mention a few things...
Worst rip off--
the shuttle to the airport from the backpackers. I arranged to be taken for 120 rand and so I left at 5 pm. Had I left at 6, it would have been 150 rand ($26). The guy drove like a maniac or like one of the black taxi´s taxi driver and when he dropped me off, he demanded 150 rand. I told him that I was told it was 120 and he said, I was wrong and that he was owed the money. It angered me but I had no recourse since I wasn´t given a receipt.
I took a few other cabs and really, I was taken in all of them. I overtipped and mostly did it to ensure that I would make it to my destination without being mugged or left in some shady area. I met locals who said they never tipped cabbies since they would get lost in order to increase the fare. I am not agreeing with that, but I know that I stood out as a definite tourist in these situations.
Best sandwich--
a shop on Long Street with a red awning. It was ham and cheese with dijon mustard and olive bread. It was all fresh and an amazing sandwich, really.
Best wine shop-- wine concepts in Stellenbosch. Remember that is where I got intoxicated at the wine tasting. It was awesome. I met great people and we danced. They just opened their establishment in November and I believe that they will be successful.
Best night of sleep-Stellenbosch backpackers
Best night of sleep on Long STreet--my last night when i watched basketball and was able to finally cool off.
Cheapest internet connectiono--5 rand an hour on Long Market Street, past the green market square, super cheap and the connection was fast.
There are ample markets, shops and book stores scattered along Long Street. i wouldn´t recommend staying there for those of you who appreciate sleep. I loved the atmosphere and had a blast. Of course, the dollar being favorable helped and I could have extended my stay there easily.
Well, now I am back to reality. I will relocate to a new hostel near the hotel. They offer tango lessons, free breakfast and internet. I hope to extend my stay there and also make time for a ride to Uruguay and the Mendoza. I have options and time, I just need to do it.
My boss is tying the knot tomorrow. Congratulations Dave and Lisa on your upcoming nuptials. Have fun and enjoy Hawaaii!!!

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